Generic Information Manager

The current mileston is : 3.0
State : Slow Develop

The purpose of the GIM static library is to make easy the development of any program.
Is developed in our free time just for our experience and is completely free.
GIM is written in C++ language and is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE V2.

E-mail for GIM team : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here the howto for this project : 

Below the list of the releases:


 Resources Milestone  Download Size  Date
Gim 2.2-1  2.5    473 KB  22-10-2011
Gim 2.0-0 2.0  415 KB   02-03-2008
Gim 1.5-0 1.5    401 KB   02-09-2007
Gim 1.0-0 1.0   385 KB  18-02-2007
Gim 0.5-0 0.5   377 KB  27-12-2006