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The current mileston is : 0.5
State : Release

E-mail for PicGIM team : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 Resources Milestone  Download Size  Date
 PicGIM 0.5-0  0.5 4.370KB   26/04/2015


PicGIM is part of We.PIC project by

We.PIC project is under the terms of GNU - General Public License v3





What is PicGIM

PicGIM is a "modular library from scratch" 
PicGIM is developed to work with PIC18F MCU family only and with C18 compiler. 
PicGIM will compile only the modules enabled. 
Through a set of public files, you can configure PicGIM molding it to your project having the most help in programming with a minimum amount of program memory and ram. 
Compiling PicGIM only with compulsory modules only takes about 250 bytes of program memory
It is compatible with Microchip MPLAB 8 and with the new Microchip MPLAB X
One of the advantages of PicGIM is just to work with a MICROCHIP STANDARD ENVIRONMENT. 
You are completely free with PicGIM
You can choose to use totally or partially the support provided by PicGIM
Each module of PicGIM can be replaced by personal libraries. 

    Anyone is free to contribute to the development of PicGIM. 
    For improvements, corrections, or to extend hardware support, please contact us at this email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


What is PicGIM for

PicGIM is essential in a project in order to dedicate all available time only to the main algorithm. 
So you no longer have to think about the management of timers, pwm or display, and even interrupts. 
Through this clear documentation you will know the full potential of PicGIM. 
What remains is to configure PicGIM carefully to get the best possible result. 
So ... let's go.

Whom is PicGIM for


PicGIM has been designed and developed for anyone. 
beginner or a professional can find advantage to use PicGIM
The beginner will certainly have an huge advantage on the simplicity of the code. 
An experienced user instead will enjoy the power of PicGIM saving a lot of time for the development of the project. 



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