The first to be released is the documentation!
is available in the howto section.

Here is the LINK.



We finished all the tests HW, and PicGIM passed them all.
We proceed with the Documentation (almost finished) and then we will proceed to the release.

See you.

The Facebook page of is intended to reach a larger number of users.

The Facebook page will contain a replica of the articles of the site and will give the possibility for users to write personal comments and post photographs of their projects created with a We.PIC componet like PicGIM.


Finally we are finalizing all the work done in developing PicGIM.

We are doing several tests on different hardware boards to put PicGIM under stress.

Here's an example of what will be the code to do a LED blinking once per second using the Timer.

Most of all, the use of the interrupts is very very simple.



#include "picgim_main.h"



We are working like hell on PicGIM and on the documentation.