...because in PIC we trust


We.PIC, this is the name of our project devoted to the world of Microchip © PIC18F ® Microcontroller 

"We" because it immediately conveys the sense of community that we want to give to the project. 

All the documentations that you can find about We.PIC will be released under this logo :


The library PicGIM and Board A will be part of this project. 


The open source is a lifestyle. A choice of very personal character and gKript.org made his own. All the software or the hardware generated by us is completely opensource.

This means that we feel the need to share our passion and what we think can be useful solutions for many other people.

Fortunately, there are many other organizations like ours that provide open source free software.

With this opensource community we can develop quality software at low cost. The programs we use are for the most part open source or free.

gKript.org was born in 2001.

It was written entirely and exclusively in html on Gedit.

SkyMatrix made ​​gKript.org reality with the first version of the site. 

From that day gKript.org has done a great job of research: symmetric encryption (CnC), statistical analysis on the footprints of the files (gKStat), static libraries to make much easier and faster the development of new software (GIM).

The site itself has been radically modified. The latest version 0.10-4 was completely written in PHP and JQuary

And here we are today to say goodbye to first gKript.org site not written by us. 

This is because we decided with enthusiasm to put each resource on the development of PicGIM, a layer for Microchip © PIC18F ® Microcontroller

Soon on site also HardWare projects such as the development board dedicated to PicGIM.

Here's how the documentation for our products is categorized and distributed. 

The categories of the various documents are three: DocumentationHowto and Book

The projects listed below are in a state of hibernation. 

This means that will be resumed only with the increase of the resources of gKript.org.