Hi all,

next PicGIM release will be version 0.6. 

The news in this release will be a lot and very important.

For example PicGIM will works with XC8 and MPlab X only.

So stay tuned.


gKript crew



The HT002 was released.
The title is "PicGIM example -LCD HD44780 HelloWorld!"

It can be downloaded from here.

Will be available soon to download some small sample projects of applications developed with PicGIM.
This will make it easy to understand the philosophy and syntax of PicGIM.
They will be integrated as an option in the download package PicGIM 0.5-0.
They will also be available to download individually directly from the HOWTO PicGIM page.

The HT001 was released.
The title is "PicGIM example - EVENTS and TIMER"
It can be downloaded from here.


You can download PicGIM from the project page.

For anything write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.